The War by Craig Wk 13

It was the year 3000. The war had been going on for seven years now. Tyler and his best friend Ben were in the tower sniping at their enemies and then a guided missile was headed towards the bottom of the tower. They started sprinting as fast as they could go. They only fell a few feet. Tyler and Ben were okay but they were exhausted from all the fighting and then to run down the stairs didn’t help at all. They were so close to winning the war. Three weeks later they had won, celebrated all day and they were delighted

One thought on “The War by Craig Wk 13”

  1. Great action included in this 100 Word Challenge, Craig. I found myself leaning forward waiting for the next bit of information. I wonder if there isn’t an entire story that could be written before the last sentence about the war ending.

    Keep writing!
    Mrs. Kathleen Silver
    Illinois, USA
    Team 100

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