Train Wreck Week 5 by Ronan

Initially, it was just a train ride, and I didn’t expect what was yet to come. As I plunged onto the little, single person, silk couch, the ground shook the mantle piece and made a small lego man, standing tall, fall over. It reminded me of a time when I was on another train. The tracks were supposed to be closed but they were not. The solar- powered train, going at the speed of light, on the hottest day of the year in Italy, was about to stop. It was too late. My life was ruined. Never to walk again.

2 thoughts on “Train Wreck Week 5 by Ronan”

  1. Amazing!
    I loved the Solar-powered thing. It is very Creative!
    I wonder in the future if we could use that. It makes me think deeper and makes me think, Could you use that to Power cars and Trains in the day?

    From Georgia, USA

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