trip to Venice by Oisin

Trip to Venice


Oisín Park

We were sailing to Venice with our captain, Rodrick, and if you think that was a good thing, it was not. Rodrick was a stupid, drunk sailor. This was our third boat that week. We were sailing to Venice to pick up some very important people, a boy and a girl. With our captain, he could possibly have shot them.

“Captain, there’s a storm!” I shouted.

“But Venice is on the other side and I need to buy more beer!” the captain said.

The whole crew disagreed with him so I decided to hit him on the head with an empty beer bottle. I knocked him out and took hold of the steering wheel. The storm stopped but still there was black all around us. We were in the eye of the storm and I thought to myself, maybe we could make it to Venice.

I sailed out of the eye of the storm towards Venice and before you knew it we  had made it through the storm. Unfortunately Rodrick woke up and pointed a gun at me. Surprisingly his first mate pushed him overboard. We were glad he was gone.

“Smooth sailing from here on and an hour till we arrive at Venice, Captain.”

Two children waved from the rock. One of my crew said it could only mean one thing. We had arrived in Venice.