Truth or Dare by Anthony(week 6)

One day, me and my couple of friends were playing truth or dare. We had a lot of fun. When my friend asked me truth or dare I said dare.  He dared me to wear orange underwear and dance on the pool.

First I said no but if I did it I would get $500. Then I thought that is better. The next day, we went to the pool. First I saw there was a lot of people there. I wore my underwear and went to the pool. Then I danced.

All of them were looking at me/ They laughed and recorded me. I got my money and went home.

I will never play truth or dare again.

One thought on “Truth or Dare by Anthony(week 6)”

  1. Hi Anthony
    What a funny story! I’m surprised by the ending, I though you would have played again if you were guaranteed to get $500!
    Miss T team 100wc

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