INTO story Paddy 6th

This is an adaptation of the ending of my favourite story, GONE, by Michael Grant.

Quinn shot the coyote right into the chest, knocking it off of the child and sending it tumbling across the nursery floor. There was a flash of green light and another coyote burst into flame. Sam was here at last. After about an hour of fighting off the coyotes, things started to quieten down a bit. The peace did not last long though, as Caine walked through the dust followed by Drake, the whip-handed, psychopathic 14 year old who had recieved his whip arm from the elusive darkness, making him all the more deadly. Quinn felt himself being lifted off the ground and pulled towards Drake. Blinding flashes of light  rent the room and deafening crashes of concrete on concrete resounded all around him and then… a grunt from Sam as he was thrown across the room. There was a thud as he hit the wall. He was dead. Their only hope was gone. Quinn dreaded to think what would happen. Then he realised. They were all going to die.