Week 10 The Trade Bye Shane F

We were driving through the rough Registan desert in Afghanistan . A gargantuan cloud of dust was forming behind our convoy . I was in the lead truck of the convoy . We were selling our biggest amount of weapons to our richest client ever . We didn’t want to get caught . These type of things went well. Usually .

I wondered if we were in danger of being caught where would we hide it all . I had a rifle on my lap just in case things went south . If this went well I could move myself and my family into the bigger city and get a better job than being a criminal . Two hours later we arrived . Our clients had erected a camp and were waiting for us . The men saw us. They immediately started firing at us . My truck was first to get attacked. My attempts to escape were feeble . Suddenly everything was dark.

One thought on “Week 10 The Trade Bye Shane F”

  1. Hey, very accurate writing and good use of short sentences to increase suspense and tension.
    Steven Hales – Norfolk, England – Team 100wc

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