Week 11, Bermuda by Tim


by Tim Bhokani

The Bermuda Triangle is well- known for the number of ships and planes that go missing while passing. This all started happening when the king was awoken. He was the King of the Seas. His name was Bermuda.

My sister, my parents and I were on a trip to Puerto Rico. This happened long ago. Two of us were the only survivors and the only ones to see it all happen. A storm started up and this storm was strong. Thunder cracked and the clouds were pitch black. I heard a loud roar coming from underneath the boat. Tentacles emerged from the water.

Bermuda roared again but this roar was louder. He emerged fully from the water, staring at the boat with his red beady eyes. He roared yet again. My sister and I  reacted quickly on deck. The two of us jumped off the boat and swam as quickly as we could  to the rocks that were close by.  He went underneath the boat. We thought it was all over but that wasn’t the case. The ship’s captain tried desperately to get his ship to safety but couldn’t.

Bermuda came out of the water but this time he was extremely mad. He dragged the boat down to the bottom of the ocean. Then, I heard an explosion, another roar. I heard my sister sobbing because our parents were on that ship.

We swam to shore and eventually we were put in an orphanage. We were adopted by a wealthy family and this story was passed down through  the generations of my family.