Week 12 The Attack By Shane F

It was a normal day on the galactic military’s star ship Zephyr . It was one of the most advanced ships in the fleet . It was armed with 90 ion turrets batteries, 56 laser cannons and much more . I was Captain James Adams and I was personally leading the next mission to assault on the Federation controlled world of Antaria.

I was eating a sandwich in my quarters looking at a picture of butterflies on the wall . Suddenly “Alert,Alert all galactic Marines get ready for assault on Antaria.” The robotic voice boomed . I ate the rest of my sandwich got my armour and blaster and hurried to the main bridge . Some men were as white as paper but I was very energetic . I never noticed how fast we got there but it was impressive . But I had to get ready for war.


2 thoughts on “Week 12 The Attack By Shane F”

  1. You seem to be on last week’s prompt Shane!
    I enjoyed your story though. I had to laugh at Captain James Adam finishing his sandwich before hurrying to the main bridge.
    It’s important to get those priorities right!
    Good work Shane.

  2. Great story Shane – I was wondering how you were going to include a tiger in it! Really good description of the battleship, you’ve created great tension, drama and a bit of humour in this story. Keep up the great work.
    A Kealy
    St Rose’s NS
    Team 100WC

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