Week 12 Final Day in Cork City By Danny

We were playing a soccer final in Cork and as you know anything can happen in Cork. It was the start of the game but all of a sudden we were down 1 nil. Suddenly at tip off one of my teammates passed the ball to me but all I could see were giants sprinting at me in purple shirts. Just then all of a sudden an elephant ran onto the pitch painted a very bright red. There was a person playing the violin on him. I asked him how he had got on the elephant but I didn’t care and I was happy that they didn’t tread on me.

2 thoughts on “Week 12 Final Day in Cork City By Danny”

  1. Hi Danny
    I know anything can happen in Cork City but an elephant on a pitch is a first.
    At least they didn’t tread you.
    From Matthew D

  2. Hi Danny
    I really liked your story because it was like a cliffhanger but it wasn’t.
    Bye for now Marc
    Mrs O’Sullivan’s Class

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