Week 13 , Exhaustion, By Darragh Q.

The jockeys guided their horses  forwards. The horses galloped as fast as they could but they were exhausted on the inside. I flashed my whip in front of my weary horses eyes. Immediately he darted forwards despite his tiredness. We had to win this race. We were coming 2nd place at the moment. I started to panic as the finish line came into sight. Once again I sliced the whip through the air.

“Come on, Johnny!” I shouted…

One thought on “Week 13 , Exhaustion, By Darragh Q.”

  1. Hi Darragh, some great use of descriptive words here, flashed, sliced and weary i like very much. This is a story of a tiny snippet of real time and you explain it in a clear and exciting way. The reader can feel the tension of the race and gets caught up in it from the start. Great work well done.

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