Week 13, My Mom’s Biggest Fear by Tim

A few years ago when I used to live in Africa, I found out my mom’s big fear of roaches. I was about 4 or 5 years old when my mom was cooking dinner. Now as a child, my parents were like my superheroes and weren’t scared of anything. Until that very night…

So my mom was making dinner when a jumbo roach came from outside. Blaberus Giganteus is the scientific name which means Giant Roach. As soon as she saw that monster, she immediately grabbed the bug stray and I didn’t realise they could fly. My mom’s jaw dropped open as she saw the wings coming out from the back. I’ve never heard my mom scream so much! She ran out of the kitchen leaving her little boy. My dad finally took care of it, he emptied the can of bug spray on that demon. I wish I had all of this on camera.

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