Week 14 The Great Ape Escape By Shane F

“That’s it. We need to get out!” I shouted.

There were 30 of us apes in the van going to Dublin zoo . I didn’t want to go there. I wanted to be free . The idiot van driver left the keys of the van on the floor. I reached the key and unlocked my cage and unlocked the thirty others. Suddenly we ran rapidly into the drivers area and grabbed the steering wheel.

CRASH! We hit a wall but luckily nobody was hurt . We ran into a conference hall. Men in formal suits sat there, taken aback by a horde of monkeys . I jumped onto an empty chair and threw the laptop away . We were rapidly causing havoc . “Security!” One man shouted . Security ran in. What were we going to do ……..?

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  1. Hi Mrs.O’Sullivan and your class,
    Happy New Year🍢🍢🍢🎆🎆🎆
    May God bless you in 2018.

    From Fortune in Mr.Russell’s class😊😃💚😍❤😅😎💛👋

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