Week 14: Jack’s PC By Charlie

Junior and Adam were playing some PC games when Jack charged into the room and said, “Can I play guys?”

“No,” said the monkeys.

“But why?” shouted Jack.

The monkeys replied with “Your PC is a MacBook and it’s trash.”

Then suddenly Jack the monkey threw his PC off the table and shouted annoyingly, “FINE if you want me to get a good PC I’ll get one!”

Jack stormed off. Jack went to Currys’ PC World and bought a PC and accessories for $1567. He used the credit card that mistakenly got mailed to him.

When he came home the monkeys said, “THAT’S NOT EVEN YOUR MONEY!”

“It wasn’t expensive,” said Jack. “Only $1567.”

2 thoughts on “Week 14: Jack’s PC By Charlie”

  1. What an interesting and fun story to read. Great job, Charlie!

    Cindy – Team 100 WC

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