Week 15 Collision Course By Shane F

Thomas Pandora was patrolling sector 758-92 or for short the Milky Way but today was different things weren’t this quiet . Usually . Thomas looked out of the window of his Z-9 patrol craft to the wide expanse that was space and saw something different in the far distance. “This is Sergeant Thomas Pandora calling in. Unidentifiable object in the far distance. Should I check it out?” he said.

“Go ahead, call us if you need backup,” the officer mumbled into the intercom . In the beginning Thomas thought it was a comet but he was checking anyway. He readied a twin blaster cannon to fire at the comet speeding at him . Bang bang! Lasers were flying everywhere . Suddenly the ship was on a collision course for the tropical planet under him . “Enemy attacking me! Need backup! Going…………”





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