Week 15: By Darragh Q. THE MURDER…

In the beginning it looked like a big meal to celebrate the marriage of Lord Hastings and Lady Saskia. But in the end DISASTER struck. 

The feast took place at 8pm. Everybody was enjoying themselves of course. But then the feast flew by and it was midnight. The whole family was there so we had to share bedrooms. Ben, my brother, and I sat there in our beds. Everyone had gone into the bedrooms and went to sleep. Or so we thought…

RING RING RRING! went my alarm clock. Immediately I jumped out of my bed. I knew that I could not be late for breakfast. But as I walked down the long,dense hallway of the house, I knew no one else was up, and that’s when I saw the body…

4 thoughts on “Week 15: By Darragh Q. THE MURDER…”

  1. Hi Darragh,
    I loved your story this week. I liked how you built up the suspense.
    I wonder who was “the body”? It sounds like a disaster alright!
    I’d love to know what happens next?
    Super work – well done!

  2. Hi Darragh,
    I love that story! My favorite part about it is that it’s a mystery and I love mysterys! Good job.

    Ms Rs fifth grade

  3. Hi Darragh;
    I like the cliff hanger at the end.
    I like it because, when you walked down the long hallway it makes you want to know what happens and keep reading.
    Ms Rs Fifth Grade

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