Week 16 Handyman By Shane F

I’m handyman the greatest hero in Handburg. By day I’m just a normal citizen but by night I am the legendary handyman. Yesterday I was scouting out a local gang preparing to rob the bank and I plan to stop them. It was 12:34 in the morning I was watching the bank.

Suddenly a car screeched to a stop and 4 armoured hands came running out – they were armed. I leapt off the tall building and dashed into the bank –  they had the bankers at gunpoint.  They didn’t know what was going on. I dashed to one and knocked him out then another and another . There was one left gun pointed at my face . So I sprinted towards him kicked the gun out of his hand . Knocked him out . “Now that was handy,” I said triumphantly as I stood on top of a skyscraper

2 thoughts on “Week 16 Handyman By Shane F”

  1. Hi Shane
    You obviously enjoyed writing this and thinking of ways of playing with the word ‘hand’, it really shines through. It was also enjoyable to read and I loved the thought of being a normal citizen by day but becoming the legendary handyman by night.
    Super writing this week
    Miss T Team 100wc
    Hampshire, England

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