Week 17 The First Creature by Laurynas

Long long ago, before anything set foot on Earth lived a creature.

This creature had sharp claws, hundreds of teeth and looked like a snake. It had more intelligence than anything and it was a thousand times smarter than any living creature.

This creature was as red as a beetroot but it could do anything, like in the past he cycled a bicycle or played an imaginary sport, you name it. He was so clever that he didn’t even need a clock or a watch to tell the time because he used the sun and moon.

One day the creature was asleep when a giant meteorite crashed into the Earth wiping out everything. Now the creature is asleep forever resting underneath our favourite (it is actually our second favourite) city… London.

2 thoughts on “Week 17 The First Creature by Laurynas”

  1. I think I’m glad this creature isn’t around today – I’m not sure how we’d cope with it.
    Great use of the 5-word prompt – well done!
    Mrs Boyce

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