Week 17, Seeing Things by Tim

Ever since my brother died things haven’t been going well. Every day when I’m outside with my friends, I see my brother’s bike wherever I go. It freaked me out because I was the only one who could see it and no one else could. People say that I’m seeing things. I got sick of it and locked that bike in the shed. A few days later my dad asked my why there was a big hole in the shed. There was no sign of the bike anywhere . I told my dad that I was seeing things but he started laughing. I finally did something and tied that bike to the pole across the street and later that month we moved out of the country.

One thought on “Week 17, Seeing Things by Tim”

  1. Well done, Tim. This is quite a mystery! I’m really wondering if that bike is a ghost bike or perhaps the grief at his loss is affecting your narrator?
    I think you could build the tension and mystery further by using some short, sharp sentences, especially after bike is back in the shed.

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