#Week 17 What Was I Thinking? by Abdul

My mother got me a new bike,it was yellow.So I thought bringing it to my friend’s birthday party would be cool.I packed my stuff and I got my bike and made my way to his house.The house was big.As I was moving in to park my bike, a car dashed in.I was pretty angry and exhausted from the cycling.I shouted at the driver and said they should park somewhere else,which I would regret saying later.The man jumped out the car with a big grin.He looked like he was going to kill me.So he trashed my bike after.What was I thinking?

One thought on “#Week 17 What Was I Thinking? by Abdul”

  1. Hi Abdul,

    I really like the way you wrote this personal account about your bike; you used thoughts well to help me understand how you were feeling. Next time think about how you could adddetail to extend your sentences and think of different ways to start your sentences.
    I wonder what happens next?

    Keep up the great work.
    Mrs Moore
    Team 100WC

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