Week 18: Never going to be the same By Marc

I was going out to my garden, but while  I was going there I saw something in my neighbours’ garden. Me, being the person I am, I walked into  their garden. I saw a piece of paper with some writing on it and I read the writing. Suddenly the board lit up. Everything seemed normal at the start but then everything was definitely not normal. I was going back into my house but my Mom was as slow as a slug. I walked outside on the road and the car looked normal but it is SO slow I can run to the shop and back and it will still be there.

2 thoughts on “Week 18: Never going to be the same By Marc”

  1. Hi Marc
    Wow! what an intriguing 100 word challenge you have written for this week’s prompt. I was drawn in instantly and wanted to know what the ‘something’ was that you saw in your neighbour’s garden. But you continued the mystery by just giving a little hint of what you saw – ‘the piece of paper with some writing on it’ – I wonder what was written on it and what caused the board to suddenly light up. Well done and keep up the good work!
    Máire O’Keeffe

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