Week 18 Released by Matthew D

There I was, driving down the M50. I was in a big rush. My son was playing in his first ever inter-county match. I couldn’t resist speeding because I didn’t want to miss the match. I came to a red light and broke it. Two minutes later, a Garda car comes up behind me and I’m under arrest. I mooched into the station with my head held low as I was embarrassed. He questioned  me about why I had broken the red light. My reply: “but it is SO slow and I couldn’t miss my son’s match.” I was released. Thankfully.

One thought on “Week 18 Released by Matthew D”

  1. Hi Matthew – what a great short story! I love your take on being slow – the story really unfolds well with a strong beginning, middle and end.
    Your use of the word ‘mooched’ is great – I can really see that dad trying not to draw attention to himself.
    A lot of your sentences are very short, perhaps you could try building the tension a little more by joking some to make longer sentences. Start with a subordinating conjunction or a fronted adverbial to mix up your openers.
    Mrs Badge
    Napier class, Leicester.

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