Week 18 The Frozen Army by Dara

One day I was on a flight to Australia, it took 25 hours. When I arrived in Sydney after about two hour waiting for our luggage we were on our way to our hotel. We saw a bunch of statues.  We all went out of our cars and my friend said,” These were once a army but one day an evil witch came and froze them all. It was about 100 years ago. ”

“Oh, that is very interesting.”

I called all of our other friends over. We told them all about it and they were amazed how cool it was so we all took a picture. About 20 minutes later police arrived. They saw us on security cameras. They took all our phones and deleted the picture.  

One thought on “Week 18 The Frozen Army by Dara”

  1. HI Dara!!! I enjoyed your Australia part it made it more interesting because it took place somewhere else so you don’t see it everyday.But you kind of put a lot of stuff together at once and it confused from paragraph to paragraph , maybe just add more to the witch freezing the soldiers because it was in the past so you should have used past tense not present tense.You had a pretty good ending , Overall I really enjoyed your story.

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