Week 18 The Ultimate Snail Race

Today, I found a snail in my garden. He was slim and not chubby. I started watching videos on how I can get my snail to slide faster. On Monday, I came to school. A few seconds after sitting down, a friend challenged me to a race. He would then keep ranting on about how great his snail was.


I was focusing on his to see if he would really dash out with speed…but it is so slow I thought he might have fed it a bit too much. It died at the end of the race. He took the failure badly and never raced again. My snail also died later.

One thought on “Week 18 The Ultimate Snail Race”

  1. Hi Abdul
    I love your title for this week’s 100 word challenge and what a great little story you’ve managed to weave. Your snail sounded very interesting and you described the snail really well. You’ve used some great words to tell your story. I really liked how you were ‘focusing on his to see if it would really dash out with speed’ – this created tension and suspense which I love in stories. I felt sad that both snails died instead of living out the ‘ultimate’ retirement. Do you think people really race snails? Well done on your writing this week and do keep up the good work.
    Máire O’Keeffe
    Team 100 WC

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