week 19 By Alan The Light

I woke up happy on a Wednesday. I just thought to myself that I was dirty after yesterday’s match. I decided to take shower and I washed my black dirty fringe. After I came out of the shower I made my way downstairs and ate some eggs. I walked outside. After I reached the park, I went for a jog in the nice weather. In the bushes I saw some green flickering light. It was really bright. I walked towards it really slowly. When I entered the bush I saw this nice colour in it. What I saw was a green flickering light.

One thought on “week 19 By Alan The Light”

  1. Hi Alan,
    I like how you took the unrelated words and formed such a cohesive paragraph. I never would have known that you had specific words to include as the paragraph flowed so well. Nice job! I want to know more about the flickering light? Aliens?

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