Week 19 Keep Your Dirt Away from Me. By Shane C.

It was just another ordinary day and I was doing something that wasn’t at all usual. I was cleaning the kitchen sink, well trying.

All of a  sudden there was a roaring gurgle and this slimy, ugly, green “sink monster” appeared.

“Stoop rowin your dir a me,”he stammered.

“Unless you has a death wish I avise you  stoop rowin your dir down a me,”he once again stuttered and stammered.

In the blink of an eye he turned and fled down the drainpipe. It came down the drainpipe at a rapid speed.

This concluded my sink cleaning career.

2 thoughts on “Week 19 Keep Your Dirt Away from Me. By Shane C.”

  1. Love it Shane!
    It isn’t every day you read about the Sink Monster!
    I think I’ll put off cleaning my sink for another day …
    Keep up the great work.

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