Week 19 The Mistake by Laurynas

It was the third day of chaos. Volcanoes exploded, tornadoes blew everything away and tsunamis flooded countless cities. It was all thanks to this monster who changed a peaceful world into a living nightmare.

I was in my half-flooded home when I saw something moving outside in the open. It was the shape of a little man with a tail and some horns ( I wonder who it was ?) In my opinion, it thought this was a water parkĀ  because it was climbing up a roof ready to jump in.

Unfortunately it slipped and it came down the drainpipe. Once it reached the water it sank like a stone. Two bubbles rose to the surface and popped.

” Well that’s something you’ll won’t see everyday!” I said with a laugh.

2 thoughts on “Week 19 The Mistake by Laurynas”

  1. Hi Laurynas
    I like the way you have set the scene and used detailed language to create a very clear image. There is also an element of suspense too. Well done and thank you for sharing your writing.

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