Week 19 Something in the Drainpipe by Dominic

1 year ago I saw someone looking in the drainpipe outside.

Then I went to look at the drainpipe with a flashlight.

There was something in there so I needed a tool to open the drainpipe.

When I opened it with the tool there was a bag so I needed a rope to get down the drain pipe.

So when I went down it wasn’t deep down there so I went in it.

Then I finally got it and I went out.

When I opened it there were 2 big diamonds so I went to the police station and I gave it to them.




2 thoughts on “Week 19 Something in the Drainpipe by Dominic”

  1. Hello Dominic,
    Finding diamonds in a drain pipe is an amazing experience. Your use of the prompt was creative. I wonder how the diamonds got there? Who hid them? It’s an interesting situation. I wonder what the police thought?
    The elements in your stories sequence made your plot clear and easy to follow. Well done!
    One way to make your writing even better would be to change out some of your verb choices to more interesting and powerful selections. Adding strong verbs to your writing makes it more engaging and action packed.
    Thank you for sharing your story,
    Gina Ruffcorn (Team 100, Iowa USA)

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