Week 19: The Tribal Village by Michael

It was day 16 of isolation. I was absolutely washed out. Today I would only have two bugs and some water for breakfast. I haven’t had a proper breakfast like eggs and sausages or porridge for 2 weeks now. But today I was going to look for help. I walked through the damp forest for hours looking for civilization. Eventually I walked into a village, a tribal village. Suddenly a man came out of nowhere with a flickering torch. I felt like I was on the fringe of the world.

One thought on “Week 19: The Tribal Village by Michael”

  1. Hi Michael, thanks for this interesting take on the 100WC prompt. My first thought was that you were in a school detention! Glad that is not the case as I might have stopped you doing this work. I like your piece very much, it is creative, well put together and creative with excellent punctuation. A good response, well done.

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