Week 20 St. Stephen’s Green By Jack

It was Tuesday of Easter Week. All was quiet around the GPO. Pádraig Pearse had read the proclamation yesterday and the British flag had been taken down and replaced by the Irish tricolour. I am stationed in Stephen’s Green and am safely tucked away in a cold,muddy trench. I must say it is better than being out of it.

“It’s nearly dusk, Conor,” my friend Sean was shouting to me.

“C’mon you lazy lumps, we’ve got work to do!”he said in a joking voice.

I got up out of the trench and just then I saw something sailing over our heads. As it flew towards us, I couldn’t see what it was but then I recognised it.

“GRENADE!” I shouted as I jumped back into the trenches and it exploded 10 feet away from me. Last thing I remember was the sound of gunfire,men shouting and the bitterly cold evening of Tuesday 25th of April.