Week 29. 100WC. Crawling. By Darragh Q.

Frantically I crawled across the endless field. I knew I was in grave danger, as I looked around the field. As I crawled and crawled, I finally saw what I had been looking for. I shouted and shouted, at the figure. But he couldn’t hear me.

I looked down at my leg to see the wound pouring with crimson blood. But I kept on crawling through the field hoping for shelter from the misty night. And of course to get proper care for my wound. But no matter how far I crawled I knew that eventually I would hear the crack of a rifle and I would fall into the well known darkness…

One thought on “Week 29. 100WC. Crawling. By Darragh Q.”

  1. Hi Darragh,
    Your story was very creepy and made me have suspicions about the darkness. Did you know that our class made the prompt?!! One thing you did you used the prompt really well and that made a really great story. One thing you can work on is not making it have a lot of gore in it, it may not be kid friendly.

    Happy Writting!
    Elyssa in Illinois 5rc
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