Week 29 By Michael

Boom! Crash!

I had to leave the city immediately. I was in grave danger. I frantically packed my crimson bag and left. I shouted for help but nobody seemed to hear me. It was a very misty day so I put on my coat. I ran for what felt like an hour to look for safety.

I reached an old abandoned cottage and decided to stay there for the night. A few minutes later a man entered the cottage. He took out a weapon and threatened me with it.

One thought on “Week 29 By Michael”

  1. Hi Michael, I really like how you used your word choice, it just blew my mind! I didn’t even realize that you can write something else with does words! Did you know that our class actually made the 5 words? A connection that I have with your writing is that I made action/horrer story just like you. One thing you can improve right is that you should have 100 words because you only have 89.

    From Timur in Illinois check out my blog at https://kidblog.org/class/rays-1718-am-rockstars/posts/csvvocr8y2ifkt5legjlajl3y

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