Week 29 Disaster Cruise by Charlie

It was the day. I was going on my 5 day cruise on the Mediterranean Sea. I got a crimson bus to the harbour and in no time I was on the ship. We set off.

I did not know what danger was ahead. It was a very misty day. The ship sailed smoothly through the sea. I was sitting calmly in the dining room when I heard a loud bang. An alarm went off.

People shouted frantically. I knew what had happened. I rushed to the lifeboats . I was in grave danger. Everyone was stressed. I jumped into a life boat and hoped for the best.

But then I spotted a puncture.

Would I survive?

2 thoughts on “Week 29 Disaster Cruise by Charlie”

  1. Really nice story here Charlie! It was very fast and gripping to read and has a really nice suspenseful end – I love how you finished with a question. Also I am impressed by the use of ‘grave danger’ following from the prompt, thats very original compared to other entries this week. Good job!
    ~ Team 100

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