Week 29 Don’t cry over spilt oil, By Eoin

It was a misty morning at the North African oil plant, a rare occurrence, especially as there was an upcoming drought.

It was lunchtime when an employee lit a cigarette and set the tanks alight. Kaleb, another worker who witnessed the incident that was to cost millions, of dollars and lives, frantically ran for the boats. On his journey, he shouted to anyone and everyone who would listen, telling them they were all in grave danger though none took much notice.

By the next morning the sea was crimson with… well you know …don’t you?

One thought on “Week 29 Don’t cry over spilt oil, By Eoin”

  1. hi David!
    Wow! I am really impressed in your writing one thing that I really loved about your writing piece was the end when you said “don’t you?”but one thing that I think that you should work on a little bit is to put any more transitions that might be needed in your writing to make sure that it makes sense in your writing.But other than that I felt like I was in the story myself I got completely lost that I did not even pay attention to the things that you need to work on.

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