Week 29 Grave Danger By Shane C.

“Run for your lives unless you want to end up in your grave, ” Nicholls frantically shouted as his face became crimson. The French were quickly approaching.

I had taken in every word he had roared but couldn’t bring my wounded self to my feet to get away. I knew there were only moments left until the French would come running around the corner and find me.

I was lucky I hadn’t blinked when Turnbull ran past otherwise I would’ve missed him. “Turnbull help,” I managed.

“Alright mate but we ain’t got much to left now,” he replied as he grabbed me in his arms through the misty weather.

A sudden “Pow” – gunshots –  I fell to the ground and my heart stopped…..

2 thoughts on “Week 29 Grave Danger By Shane C.”

  1. Hi Shane,
    Your story is interesting. The ending left me wanting more! My story was different from yours. But I still think you did really well! I wrote about the troubles of writing a 100wc story. Can’t wait to read your next story.
    from Kele-De in Illinois,
    come check out my story at ttps://kidblog.org/class/rays-1718-am-rockstars/posts/eup03pai1o4bb4fy59e4ufwei

  2. Hello Shane, you certainly engage your reader from the beginning. The use of dialogue adds to the tension and keeps the reader engaged and wondering what is going to happen. I think where you say you were lucky you “didn’t blink” made it clear how fast things were happening and the danger you were in…I was hoping you would escape, not die. Maybe, you could come back to life in your next story. Well done.

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