Week 29 Paddy:THE TOMB

Grave danger is what lies ahead!” croaked my old man just before he kicked the bucket. No joke I think to myself as I frantically search for the tomb in the misty graveyard. I remember what my mam said before I sprinted out the door: “DON’T go looking for that tomb again, Mick, It doesn’t exist!“.

But the stories I heard sounded too horrible to be just made up. I ambled on, my new crimson sneakers full of stones and covered in mud. My mam is going to kill me.,but my thoughts were interrupted by what I saw next…

One thought on “Week 29 Paddy:THE TOMB”

  1. Hi Paddy!
    One thing I really liked about your post was you used descriptive words like, Croaked, Misty, and Crimson. Also, did you know I also wrote about a graveyard too! One thing I think your piece can approve upon is maybe next time bold your 5 words because it’s hard to see if you actually incorporated them in your writing.

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