WEEK 29, Sorrow Sunday by Ronan

At dawn, Misty went out for a Sunday morning jog when something very strange suddenly happened. Misty shouted as loud as possible before her death.

Three days later on Wednesday all of Misty’s family and friends watched with possibly the rest of the town – Misty’s coffin was carried to her grave.

Back at the crime scene at the street of Misty’s house was a stream of crimson coloured blood all dried out as a stain on the footpath. Who killed her? –  nobody knows from then on. And the dried out stream of the crimson coloured blood is still there today.

2 thoughts on “WEEK 29, Sorrow Sunday by Ronan”

  1. Hi Ronan!
    I loved how your story was a mystery.
    My class made this prompt!
    what was your favorite word out of the 5?
    My story was also a mystery. It was about a girl in a grave yard.
    One thing to work on is use better transitions then and. Example: Also, because, consequently.
    Come check out my blog!

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