Week 29 The Plan By David A

Misty and I had been at the table for hours. We had been planning on robbing the Crimson Manor. Tonight was the night.

At 23 hundred hours we drove to the halfway point. We would take it on foot from there. We walked through the foggy graveyard where all the graves had been there for more than 50 years. We arrived at our destination and climbed through the window.

We went down the corridor where we found the vault. I put the code cracker on it and the vault opened. We took all of its goods and headed for the door. Misty shouted the signal to tell me the coast was clear. We had escaped for now.

One thought on “Week 29 The Plan By David A”

  1. Hi David,
    I’m so late, it seems to me that almost 50 years have flown away! I have been “frantically” trying to reach your post and give it the attention it deserves in order to be really enjoyed.
    I appreciated mostly the rhythm of the action, the detailed description of the ambiance, the fine-tuned accordance between the surrounding landscape and the characters’ state of mind.
    Thank you for sharing your creative piece of high suspense.
    I’m Teacher Ines, from Portugal (Team 100)

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