Week 29 The Risk by Laurynas

My finger rested on the trigger and I waited for my target to appear. The gun was scraped and the handle was almost broken. I just waited. If I shouted I would be seen and killed.

I frantically crept towards the window to look outside. It was misty and only one grave in the cemetery could be seen. I saw a couple of creatures walking and sniffing the air for flesh and blood,… my flesh and blood.

I turned around and saw a crimson light shining in the corridor. Something was shining there and I had to check it out even if it costs my life.

2 thoughts on “Week 29 The Risk by Laurynas”

  1. Hi Laurynas! Your piece is awesome! It is awesome because your piece is very descriptive . I also like how you explained the scenery very well.The prompt this week was written by my class in saint charles Ilinois. Next time I think you can bold the words because it was hard to find them.

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