Week 29 Trapped by Ewan

I knew that we were in grave danger. I had heard the crunch of the ship after it had hit the iceberg so I started running through all the hallways and down all the steps of the stairs to reach my friend in our small little cabin in the second class section.

When I got there he was already gone so I sprinted towards the stairs. it was blocked. I shouted frantically with a crimson red face. I then heard the water trickling down the hall towards me. The water was so cold there was a mist rising from it as it came to my feet.

What could I do?

3 thoughts on “Week 29 Trapped by Ewan”

  1. Wow. I was hooked in! Great suspense. Nice vocabulary too. Is this on Titanic, or a fictional ship?
    Mr. M. (Team 100WC)
    Bedfordshire, UK

  2. Hi Ewan!
    I really liked your piece! I especially liked the theme. Titanic right? Did his friend leave him? Did you like the prompt? Our class made it!
    One thing you could do to make your piece even better, would be to add some dialogue somewhere in the story.
    Check out my classes blog!
    -Brynn from Illinois

  3. Hey Ewan! I liked your piece very much. I think it was maybe based off of the Titanic? That’s cool! I like the detail you added. Please check out my blog.

    Derek in Illinois!

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