Week 29 World war 3 Dara


World war 3 has begun.The captain for Britain shouted so loud his face turned Crimson. It was very very misty out on the battle field. Frantically there were gun shots every where left right and centre.

I was hidden behind a small barricade. It was made of sand bags that were about 10kg heavy. Lots of people died so we need lots of grave stones. It was after about 5 mins. I got up and started the shoot at the enemies.

Yes we won!!! What a war!


One thought on “Week 29 World war 3 Dara”

  1. Hi Dara!
    I really enjoyed how you incorporated how the weather was like on the battle field! An interesting fact I can share is, my class actually picked this prompt! I can connect to your writing piece because I also wrote about grave in the way of use as, a grave stone. Something to do in the future is maybe bold your five words so they really pop! Thank you for sharing you AWESOME piece! Come check out my writing piece at: https://kidblog.org/class/rays-1718-pm-rockstars/posts/cvhqjkfcq0bp7gztl3zbmnogi! I actually wrote in poetry form!

    Happy Writing,
    Evie in Illinois

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