Week 29 You’re next by Julius.

“What are we doing here?” I asked Tom in an uneasy voice .

“Stop shouting” he replied back .

We walked for a while but suddenly our torches went out and Tom started shouting with pain .

“Where are you?” I asked ” I don’t know .”

Suddenly our torches came back on and there it was the grave –  the gravestone was in crimson which was a strange choice for the stone .

Mist began to gather around the grave. I frantically waved my hand through the mist but suddenly something grabbed Tom and began dragging him outside the circle.

There was nothing I could do and all I heard was screaming and I knew I was next…

One thought on “Week 29 You’re next by Julius.”

  1. Hi Julius,
    I love your writing piece, something specific that I like about it is all the dialog. Something that I can inform you of is my class had made this prompt up if you look under the words it will say that it was made by 5RC and that is the class that I am in. A connection that I can make to you is that I wrote about this prompt and I was going to do something like that but then I changed it into a different idea. Something that you could do better next time is try to vary your sentence structure.
    HAPPY WRITING, Aubrey in Illinois

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