Week #3: “Cursed Street.”By Sean

I liked my new yellow bicycle.

Well until my friends warned me not to go through CURSED Street.

Any time I say the name of the place, I feel a shiver go down my spine.

But it was the fastest way to school.

Then a man jumped out and pushed me off my bicycle and  a dog locked on to my leg.

I screamed with desperate pain.

Then with all my strength, I ran away home and I never went there  again and I still remember the dog greedily devouring my shoe.

I hope that no one will go there again……


One thought on “Week #3: “Cursed Street.”By Sean”

  1. Hi Sean,
    That was a terrible day you had on your lovely yellow bicycle! You’ve done a great job with the prompt words and written an interesting and exciting story.
    Keep up the great work.

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