Week 30 Moving House By Danny

I was walking down the street and then I got to my house. I thought I was dreaming but really I wasn’t. I saw a sign on my house  but I couldn’t see what it said because a big flower was covering  it. Well, I’ll go back to the start where it had all began.

It was a few weeks ago now, on a warm dry day with the sun shining high in the sky. My parents were divorced and I  was stuck right in the middle of it. Who was going to pay for my operation? By he way, I had fallen into a hole and had broken my leg. They kept fighting until I said I would pay for my own operation and guess what? My parents got back together because they were proud  of me for being so grown up and they paid for my operation.


One thought on “Week 30 Moving House By Danny”

  1. Hi Danny,
    What a happy ending! Well done on writing your story this week and I look forward to another next week! I’m just wondering what was written on the sign outside your house?! Was it a banner? Maybe your parents were throwing you surprise party to celebrate your recovery and the happiness you brought them?
    Kind regards,
    Mrs O Sullivan.

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