Week 30 The Coppers by Matthew D

I was dashing down North Avenue Street when I found a wallet. I considered my options. I decided returning it was the best way to go. So as I took the right corner to Abbeyhillside Road. The cops came lifting down the road, sirens blaring. They immediately stopped when they saw the wallet in my hand. They said I was under arrest and was forced into the back of the squad car. The cop said I was arrested for stealing.

“It doesn’t matter what I say, does it?” I asked this with a feeling there was no getting out of this. I was sure there was no getting out of this. I put my head in my hands.

One thought on “Week 30 The Coppers by Matthew D”

  1. Hi Matthew,
    Well done on a super story. I love the verbs you chose e.g. dashing and considered. You really created an image in my mind of the cops chasing you and I could hear those sirens blaring! You conjured up fabulous image of despair in the last sentence.
    Well done and keep it up!
    Mrs O Sullivan.

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