Week 31, by Mikolaj

I was on vacation with my family and we went to the local shop to buy some food. I wanted a roll with butter and cheese and my sister got reeses. We went exploring the city and it was beautiful. We got to a castle and you could’ve gone up one of the towers of the castle and I decided that I wanted to. I had to jump over a 50 feet drop and I asked myself, “Should I really do this?” But then I decided to not be risking my life on a view. I loved the city!


2 thoughts on “Week 31, by Mikolaj”

  1. Well done Mikolaj,
    I’m delighted to see you writing the 100 Word Challenge. I’m glad you didn’t risk that jump, it would probably have been a big mistake! Looking forward to your next story.
    Mrs O Sullivan.

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