Week 31 Emerged from the Dark By Matthew Deady

The ghost of Milltown comes around every thirty years on the 1st of May. And today is the 1st of May. It comes out for three hours between 9 and 12. Everyone in the town is preparing for a horrific night.  In a press conference, the town mayor ordered the people to batten down the hatches. I want to see the ghost emerge from its grave so I’m going to go down there…

It’s 8:59 and I’m waiting anxiously. The moon is behind the old horse chestnut tree. And as the town bell dings for 9:00 the ghost bursts out of the grave and goes tearing down the path towards Milltown.

One thought on “Week 31 Emerged from the Dark By Matthew Deady”

  1. Hi Matthew,
    Well done on a great story. I loved the whole idea of the tale. Your use of language is excellent. I particularly loved the phrase ‘batten down the hatches’! The verb ’emerge’ and the adverb ‘anxiously’ all served to conjure up a very frightening image in my mind!
    Thanks for doing the 100 Word Challenge!
    Keep up the great work.
    Kind regards,
    Mrs O Sullivan.

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