Week 31 The Hunt: by Tadhg

I stared at the glimmering moon, listening to the wolves howl. The pack of wolves were hunting, hunting me. I raced past the old shack on the hill almost tripping on the stones at the abandoned graveyard. I glanced back and saw the first wolf appear by the shack. It was pure muscle, you could tell it was the alpha. I knew I had no chance. The wolf leapt at me and I closed my eyes waiting for impact when suddenly a man knocked me onto the ground . I knew I had to repay him for saving my life, but only if we survived the night.

One thought on “Week 31 The Hunt: by Tadhg”

  1. Hi Tadhg,
    What a story! I loved the sense of the chase. You created this really well with verbs like ‘glanced’ and ‘raced’. I also loved the atmosphere and setting of your story. The ‘abandoned’ hut and the ‘glimmering’ moon really gave me a sense of place and time. It’s a very exciting story and I only wished that there was more!
    Thanks for doing the 100 Word Challenge. Keep up the good work and I look forward to next week’s story.
    Kind regards,
    Mrs O Sullivan.

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