Week 32 Bandits By: Tadhg

It was getting dark. We raced through the woods towards the town. I jumped off my horse and sprinted towards the town square. The village was being attacked by bandits. I pulled out my pistol and glanced at my best friend Harry. He nodded and we shot our guns in the air. The bandits stopped for a second and stared at us. There were six of them in total. One of them had a gun. He shot at me. It hit my gun and knocked it out of my hand. Harry shot at one of the bandits and he fell over clutching his stomach. We chased after the bandits as the village people watched us disappear into the night.

One thought on “Week 32 Bandits By: Tadhg”

  1. Hi Tadhg,
    I love cowboy films and this reminded me of ‘The Guns of the Magnificent Seven’. The good guys swooped in to save the terrified villagers from the grips of the baddies. I loved the sense of action and excitement! Well done. Keep up the great writing.
    Mrs O Sullivan.

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