Week 32 I Didn’t Mean To Do It!!! By Danny

One dark  Autumn evening, my friends and I were playing hurling on the road near my house. We were having great fun until, ” BANG!!” I had put a hole in my neighbour’s car window. When we  heard the bang we disappeared into the night so that nobody could see us and blame us but we were too late. My neighbour came out just as we were running away and told us that she was going to call the guards.

The next morning our parents came to bail us out of jail.

My mother said,” Why did you do that ?”

But all that came out was,” I didn’t mean to do it!”

2 thoughts on “Week 32 I Didn’t Mean To Do It!!! By Danny”

  1. Hi Danny,
    I can just visualise you and the lads breaking the window with the sliotar! It was very severe to throw you in prison for such an accidental crime! I hope you got off lightly in the end.
    Mrs O Sullivan.

  2. Hi Danny
    Isn’t this just something we’ve all done when young, and sometimes not so young. I think you paid dearly with a night in a police cell though, and probably more trouble when you got home! A great little 1ooWC piece with a moral – always own up first. You might have slept in your own bed.

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