Week 32 Vanished By Matthew D

My friends and I were playing a massive prank on the class bully. At 9 o’clock tonight we were going to the soccer pitch. We knew he’d be there because he’d training with the local soccer club. We decide that we should wear white garments as he wouldn’t know who we were. We came at 8:59 and there we saw him. The coach blew the whistle and the training was over. We went over and started asking questions. He didn’t know who we were. We then ran. He followed us. We disappeared into the night. He almost fainted with the terrifying fright.

2 thoughts on “Week 32 Vanished By Matthew D”

  1. Hi Matthew,
    Well done on your story. I was glad you succeeded in scaring the bully! Keep up the good work.
    Mrs O Sullivan.

  2. Hi Matthew D,
    What a great short story you managed to create in one hundred words, the scene must have looked very creepy all the people dressed in white like ghosts on the soccer pitch asking questions I think the bully got a proper fright and finally a great use of the prompt to end your story.
    Well done Matthew

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